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About Us

Since the 1970s, the Tecumseh Community School has been committed to giving back to our Old South community!

Who We Are

The Tecumseh Community School is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization.

As one of the last of its kind in the city, The Tecumseh Community School greatly benefits the members of our neighbourhood.


We offer a wide variety of affordable programs and workshops for children and adults, from September through June. Our office and all programs are held at Tecumseh Public School in Old South. Any proceeds from the programs are channelled back into the community, either as gifts to the school or local charities. 

For our current and future neighbours, we are committed to the future of Tecumseh Community School.​

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Our Story

In the mid 1970s, the Ministry of Education decided that school buildings should be utilized by the community during evening hours. Along with this suggestion came government funding, and the Board of Education set up several Community Schools throughout London. Tecumseh Community School, along with many others were born!

Unfortunately, funding for community schools was eventually cut. This economic blow, along with a lack of volunteers, meant that most community schools could no longer operate and, one by one, they closed. 

However, a dedicated group of volunteers, along with strong support from our community, ensured that Tecumseh Community School was here to stay, and nearly 50 years we remain one of the last of these community school programs in the city.

Our Team

As a volunteer-run not-for-profit, Tecumseh Community School relies on dedicated and talented people.

The volunteers on the TCS council are a welcoming group and are always looking for new members to bring new ideas.


Many of our youth programs are run by high school students from South Collegiate Institute. Some of whom are Tecumseh grads, and have enjoyed volunteering so much that they have gone on to careers in teaching!


The Tecumseh Community School is overseen and governed by a Council. Our Council Chair is Laura Gentile. Our Community School Supervisors are Adnan and Linda, with Sandra Arner helping them learn the ropes. Other Council members include Christine Tagliabracci, Pam Hoffman, Linda Smith, Dorothy Miller, Nissa Boulanger, Amy Shugar, Nicole Ariss, Heidi Wood-Heene, Scott Arner and Diane Irving. 


Pop into the Community School office to find out the date and time of our next meeting. Or send us a message via email or through our Facebook page to get more information on what it means to be on the TCS council.

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